Privacy Policy

Asia Best Co., Ltd. "The Company" recognizes the importance of the issue of personal information protection in the internet network. The company believes that it is important to you to know how the company handles personal information received from you.

In general, you can visit the company's website without letting the company know who you are. Including not having to disclose personal information about you The company's web server will record only the domain name. Will not record the email address of the website visitor. The information collected will be used for counting the number of visitors. The average duration of visits to the company website Or visiting each webpage etc. To be used to improve the company's website content

However, if the company wishes to store your information such as name and address The company will try to inform you when to store and the purpose of storing your personal information. Usually, the information collected by the company is used by the company only to use to answer your questions. Take action on your request Or allow you to access special information from time to time

If you have registered with an online business of a particular company, your information may be used by those companies. In order to present what is in your business needs, the technology called cookies may be used to present information that is designed to meet your needs. Cookies are sub-elements of information. The website will be sent to your browser. After that, the cookie will be stored on your computer's hard drive. This will allow the company to know when you return. Visit the company's website in the future. The cookie will allow the company to manage your interests appropriately. To make you come back to visit the company website more However, you can specify your browser to notify you when you receive cookies. Use of cookies will not be associated with your personal information while you are using the company website.

Occasionally, the company may conduct online surveys for better understanding of the needs and information of visitors to the company's website when the company will conduct such surveys. The company will try to inform you that the company will use your information collected via the Internet to use. Participation in those surveys is voluntary, so you can choose to disclose or not disclose your personal information.

When you leave this website, please be careful and please read the privacy policy of each website that contains personal information you want to visit.

The privacy policy mentioned above will only apply to information provided by this website. If you think that the company does not comply with the above privacy policy You can contact the company