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Bringing Thai Coffee to the USA

It was a great opportunity for Asia Best shareholder, Mr. Garoon Suriyachaiphan, to travel to the USA representing Asia Best Coffee. Garoon was honored to meet Denney and Pat Willis, owners of Arbuckles Coffee Roasters in Tucson, Arizona. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Arbuckles Coffee Roasters expressing the thankfulness of Asia Best Coffee and the farming communities producing export quality coffee in Thailand.

Arbuckles Coffee Roasters purchases green coffee produced by Asia Best and imported into the USA. The relationship goes much deeper than the purchase of coffee. Denney Willis has been a mentor to the Asia Best team for over ten years. In fact, Asia Best Coffee exist today in part because of the advice and direction that Denney Willis has given through the years. Denney recognized the quality and potential of Thai Arabica coffee and used the knowledge he has acquired in his 40+ years’ experience in the coffee business to guide Asia Best through the development stages to produce quality specialty grade coffee. Arbuckles Coffee Roasters helped open the door to bring Thai coffee to the USA.



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