Asia Best Coffee Arrives in Tucson Arizona

Thank You Asia Best Premium Coffee… Mai Thai Coffee received a container of new crop coffee shipped from Thailand by Asia Best Premium Coffee. Here is what Mai Thai had to say; Receiving a container of fresh green coffee is kind of like Christmas for us. 38,000 pounds of freshly harvested beans brought to our door in Tucson. Before the roasting begins, there is a lot of work to do. Coffee is shipped around the world in 20’ containers. The coffee is packed in jute bags weighing 110 pounds each. No need to go to the gym after a day of unloading a container of coffee! Each bag is tagged showing the district the coffee was produced in. The coffee is unloaded by hand, sorted onto pallets, and stored in our warehouse.

Then the fun begins … we test roast the various coffees and begin tasting the results through a process called “cupping.” Kind of like opening presents on Christmas morning! This year’s crop is exceptional. Seems that it just gets better and better each year. A salute to the farmers in Thailand who take great pride in producing quality Arabica coffee.


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